Lead Coach Release
Lead Coach Release

Millennials. Famous for not anticipating tomorrow's impact today.

Managing Millennials


Famous for not anticipating tomorrow’s impact today.

By 2025, it's estimated 75% of the workforce will be Millennial. While the media lampoons the younger generation in the workforce - attributing a barrage of negative stereotypes - the truth is Millennial's offer incredible passion, dedication, and vision for organisational success.

Super-charge your understanding of Millennial leadership and begin to retain your young employees for long-term success.

Lead. Coach. Release.

Lead your Millennial staff by learning what they already value.  

Millennials Value:

  1. A flexible work schedule (and what you can do about it)

  2. The chance to grow personally

  3. Friends at work (and why this is a good thing for you)

  4. Explicit instructions leading to personal success

Also learn:

   5. The everyday skills Millennials expect you to teach them
   6. Why "open communication" drives Millennial decision making

Coach to give young employees the insider’s view they are hoping for:

  1. Vision for a better world

  2. Access to the right resources to WIN

  3. Think LEGO™ - Millennials want to see their progress!

  4. What might be improved? Or discarded?

  5. Point out what needs learning now

  6. Focus on foundations – Clarify core DNA

Release Millennial's to innovative incredible future (and current) success for you.

  1. Defer Judgment – There’s no right way

  2. Acknowledge Performance – I see what you did there

  3. Focus on Impact – Think “investment-inducing” not boring presentation

  4. Millennials want expertise on call – a mentor-in-the-moment

  5. Invite to Go – They’re on the team to step out

Dan’s workshops gave our senior staff a refreshing look at general leadership, with a focus on the topical subject of how to get the best out of millennials. In implementing the lessons learned from his workshops, we were pleased to see a significant reduction in staff turnover and a corresponding increase in staff satisfaction.
— Phil Brosnan - Brosnan Construction