Lead Coach Release
Lead Coach Release

Read to Lead - Cicero 106-43BC


If you do not read good books, you will read bad ones.
— C. S. Lewis

A casual search for "Leadership" books on Amazon produces over 100,000 results. How do you know what's good? How do you know what will help you grow?

In the past 8 years, I've read over 200 books on leadership - Distilled here are my favourite six. 

LeaderRead offers clarity and consistency. 6 books, 12 weeks, 3 meetings. Dig deeper to focus your leadership growth. 

LeaderRead takes the hard work out of deciding what to read, while giving you a consistent goal to pursue.



Intentionally focus on your leadership development. 

Six books - Twelve weeks - curated with purpose.

Three one-on-one coaching sessions

$700 + GST


LeaderRead Plus

+ One half-day leadership training session 

Six books - Twelve weeks

Three one-on-one coaching sessions

A half-day training session on a leadership topic of your choice.

$1500 + GST


LeaderRead Team

LeaderRead for a 4-person team
+ Three team coaching gatherings

Your team reads. Your team talks.

We make a plan.

Your team grows.

$2100 + GST

(effectively 1 full team member free for LeaderRead)

All readers cannot be leaders, but all leaders must be readers
— President Harry Truman