Lead Coach Release
Lead Coach Release

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Two things shape who you will be in five years: The people you spend time with, and the books you read.
— Howard Hendricks



Six Books, 12 weeks, Three one-on-one coaching sessions.

Most people struggle to read 12 books in a year!!

Let's break it down:
6 books - the total number of pages: 1407.
12 weeks: 84 days. You don't want to read weekends, so lets call it 60 working days. 1407 / 60 = 23.5.

You only need to read 23.5 pages a day. To put that in perspective, it's about 30min.

Your future leadership growth is worth 30min a day!

One-on-one coaching sessions cover contextualised application and the development of a personal growth plan based on your reading.

Grow yourself - Join LeaderRead today!

$700 + GST

LeaderRead Plus


All the benefits of LeaderRead - The books, the coaching, the intentional growth.

PLUS a half-day training session for you and your team on the topic of your choice. 

Topic Ideas:
- Managing Millennials
- Team Leadership
- Cross-cultural Communication
- Leading Peers

Grow yourself - Join LeaderRead today!

$1500 + GST

LeaderRead Team


Intentionally develop your team. Together.

It's hard to read a great book, or attend a great conference, and then return to the office to "pass on" what you've learned. 

What if, instead, you learned as a team?!?

LeaderRead Team gives you the opportunity to invest in a 4-person team. Together.

Any team. Co-workers. Sports. Board members. Focus growth together.

Learn from the same world-class leaders. Discuss implications for your team, make a plan for growth, and bring specific application to your context.

$2100 + GST