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The Real Reason We Keep Grabbing Our Phones At Work.


Let me tell you a story.

Dave is 28. He works in a web development firm. Every time the boss walks past, Dave is on his phone. Dave’s boss is more and more frustrated with Dave’s apparent lack of concern for the job. Dave is close to getting fired for being lazy at work.

Sound familiar?

Paramount to the ethos of the modern workplace is the need to succeed. We strive to triumph, we want to be on the winning team, to hear we’ve done a good job.

Yet the trendy commentary suggests Millennials live lives full of apathy and laziness.

Something along the lines of “Every time I turn around, they’re holding their phone and checking social media.”

What if there is another reason for the habitual phone-grab?

The lack of vision. Unclear communication. Unattainable goals.

Millennials are not apathetic, we just want to know clearly how to succeed!

In the face of uncertainty, we look to social media and the internet for inspiration, vision, and direction.

Think of the workplace 50 years ago. When there was a lull in momentum, workers seized the opportunity for a quick smoke. In the face of uncertainty about the next step or project, workers smoked.

Phones are the modern-day smoke break.

Dave is not lazy. Dave just needs a little more guidance and some clear expectations.

Next time you see a Millennial on their phone at work, ask yourself one of these questions:

· Have I given clear instructions today?

· Does this staff member have clarity on their goals?

· Are they holding the vision for this organization like I am?”

Quick Tip: If you find yourself distracted at work — looking at your phone — focus your attention on your daily goals by posting a sticky-note reminder on your screen.