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An Environment to Thrive


I helped my kids put their bean-bags outside this morning. They wanted to sit in the sunshine and make a nest. It needed to be perfect. They plumped and primped and moved it all around out there.

They needed to create the perfect environment.

How often does our environment influence our lives?

The right environment for learning.

The right environment for collaboration.

The right environment for sales.

We spend a significant amount of our lives working on our environment.

We wonder if we’ve picked the right restaurant for a first date.

We assess if our kids are going to the right school - which usually means learning environment.

Ten years ago I walked through a slum in Cambodia - homes made of leftover tin, cardboard, and ripped tarpaulins. In the midst of it, people had made a small school. 

It was an area of learning. An area of hope. Hope for a better future. Hope for a thriving life.

Our environment has a significant impact on how well we thrive in life.

What sort of environment are you building for those around you?

In terms of communication, team building, information sharing, and physical space - how well can people thrive?

As leaders we must be prepared to create an environment where people can succeed each day. Our role as leaders is facilitating that environment, for their success.

One of the oldest soy sauce makers in Japan - still using traditional methods of aged, pressed, and fermented soy - attributes the true success of his work to the environment.

“I dont make the soy sauce. The micro-organisms make it. I just create the environment where they thrive.” - Yasuo Yamamoto

A leader must be able to say “I don’t make the company. The employees make it. I create an environment where they thrive.”

Build a great environment.