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Friday Facilitation Feature: A Tip on How to Speak so People Hear


How often do you facilitate an event and leave the day, vocal chords hoarse, exhausted from trying to up the volume over an eager audience?

Worse, how often do you sit through a facilitated event, struggling to hear the mouse at the front trying vocally corral a busy room?

Here’s my favourite tip to naturally and easily increase your volume without shouting.

I learned this trick 15 years ago while Bungy Jumping on the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It’s loud out there; traffic, harbour vessels, nervous tourists with competing attention spans - so how do you speak so people hear?

Lower your voice. Not quieter - but physically in your body.

Normally, we speak out of our throat. We speak louder or softer using our throat muscles to move air across our vocal chords. Once we need to get exceptionally loud - into the realm of yelling - our voice muddles and words become indistinguishable.

Lowering the movement of air to the diaphragm - pushing out air with our 6-pack - gives us the ability to speak louder, longer, and with greater clarity.

Try it.

Try saying something in a normal voice, with your throat. Then say the same thing, intentionally pushing air out of your lungs from underneath.

Guaranteed you will be louder.

This tip applies to any job; teaching, nursing, parenting, even construction.

Try it today, and pass the tip along.

Enjoy being loud, so other people hear you.