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"Urge" - Unlocking Leadership Potential


Over the last 15 years, significant leaders urged me to grow.

When I started training and speaking internationally, a mentor urged me to pause for an intensive 9-month study period.
I thought it would hurt my fledgling influence; He said it would exponentially increase my influence. His urge was right.

When I had the opportunity to step into a senior leadership role – at an age a couple of decades lower than comparative leaders – I was urged to consider the impact I could make as a young leader. The urge proved true.

There is an unlocking potential in the word “Urge.”

“I urge you to think about enrolling in a Master’s program”
“I urge you to reconsider taking this opportunity”
“I urge you to examine the benefits of this next step”

Urge – VERB: to try earnestly or persistently to persuade someone to do something.

Leaders must be willing to urge those around them to step up.

Every day does not require the use of this incredible word. Not every opportunity mandates a leadership urge forward.

Yet when used wisely, “Urge” has the power to unlock true leadership potential.

Think about your circumstances this week? Is there someone who needs an urge to step up?

Is there someone who needs to hear an urge toward values or behaviour change?

Has someone given you an urge forward recently and how will you respond?