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Microfeedback: How LEGO Changed The Way We Work

The LEGO Group. 2017.

The LEGO Group. 2017.

Meet Joe. Joe comes to work. He’s on time. He punches the clock, stays at his desk, takes his lunch break, and at the end of the day, Joe goes home.

Joe is at his desk; present but disengaged.

1 in 3 employees work like Joe.

Statistically speaking, 39% of employees disengage from work.

What if we could dramatically shift our employee engagement? What if Joe could help his company succeed?

Young workers want to engage in the workplace. They want to change the world. Yet in our rush to complete daily tasks, we often overlook two simple LEGO lessons employee engagement.

Give clear instructions.

Millennials and Gen Z crave clarity. Give clear expectations, and the steps to success.

After all, how can we expect people to engage if it’s not crystal clear what we want them to do?

LEGO gave an entire generation a clear goal in every box. LEGO gave a road map to winning.

How can you give steps to success to someone today?


Think of Millennials as the LEGO generation. At every step of the LEGO process, a young child can hold up their creation and check if it looks like the instructional picture.

Microfeedback gives staff the opportunity to learn in real-time.

In 60 seconds or less, we can acknowledge current work, and offer steps for future growth.

Microfeedback allows us to appreciate performance and seek areas of improvement.

 “Think of it as performance assessment for Twitterholics — succinct and nearly real time” - Meister & Willyerd

Millennials and Gen Z engage in a workplace they know will engage with them.

How are you growing your people in the way they work?

Where will microfeedback help your staff engage?

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