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Three Tips to Motivating Millennials


Motivating Millennials feels, at times, a bit like calling for your dog at the beach. Frustration grows as distractions compete for their attention.

What if you could be frustration free while your Millennial staff engage, follow-through, and contribute to your organizational success?

Here are three tips to motivating millennials:

1. Give Guidance.

Millennials want to solve their own problems. Yet they crave leaders who have the wisdom to share about life, work, and how to live well. Be a guide to life.

2. Give Personalized Flexibility.

Flexibility goes a long way. Once a month find out where an extra hour or two of flexibility would help a Millennial employee and champion flexibility on their behalf.

3. Give Personalized Feedback.

Small-scale feedback, specific to a job, encourages Millennials their work is noticed and creates a platform for personal growth. Millennials love to know the job they did helps your company succeed, so tell them how!

Be frustration-free. Motivate Millennials with guidance, flexibility, and feedback.