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The Golden Goose of Management


In the classic tale of the Golden Goose, a young man named Simpleton finds a golden goose. Everyone else who tries to touch it ends up stuck to the goose, and to each other. Everyone wants a piece of the action only to find they’re stuck fast together.

Management is our modern golden goose.

Lauded as desirable, we push employees to rise through the ranks. Being good at a job means leading others to do that job.

Two issues make management a golden goose:

  1. People are not trained how to manage others as they rise in ranking. Therefore, they are stuck
  2. People do not want to manage others but now they are stuck

A friend of mine recently escaped the golden goose.

As a police officer with 10+ years of experience, he rose to a management position over 30 guys. He successfully recognized his skills did not lean toward management; his skills were in the job. Taking a specialist role with another unit, he succeeded in creating space to excel in his skills.

It is hard to let go of the golden goose.

What would change in our organizations be if we pushed people to excel in their skills, rather than management?

Does your organization have opportunities for upward mobility of skills and experience that don’t include management?