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GET OFF THE BEACH!! How Vision Keeps Millennials Engaged


In the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, the plan to invade Normandy falls apart with the first bullet. People aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Leaders die. Followers die. It’s mayhem.

Everyone is trying to seek safety. Everyone’s trying not to get shot. There is a general sense of “Don’t Die.”

In steps Captain Miller — Tom Hank’s character — who gives a group of guys vision for breaching the wire, scaling the cliff, taking out the bunkers, and securing the beachhead.

He gives a clear command “Get off the beach!”

Instead of milling around on the beach trying to avoid getting shot — guys begin to act together to win the fight.

One of the accusations leveled at Millennials is laziness and a generally undisciplined work-ethic. However, given we don’t see crowds of millennials hunkering down on street corners looking lost — they can’t all be lazy.

Instead of laziness — what if a lack of vision keeps millennials unengaged?

As leaders, we must give people a vision. Whether the vision is for 5 years from now, or 5 minutes — people engage more when they know what they’re being asked to do.

How much vision do you keep in front of your millennials?

Do they know why their work matters?

Do they know how to get off the beach?

Engage your Millennials with vision — Get them off the beach!