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Four Factors Tripping Up Millennials


Millennials hold incredible potential. They’re young, ambitious, and driven to succeed.

Yet, if they’re not careful, Millennials succumb to four factors which derail their remarkable promise.

1. Internal Focus.

Too much focus on oneself, on problems, desires, or plans for being a millionaire by 30 causes Millennials to miss the proverbial forest for the trees.

Instead of looking to succeed yourself, learn to push the success of others.

What would grow around you if you expanded your horizon?

2. Impatience.

In a world of instant access to information and instant social connection, Millennials struggle to admit change takes time.

Impatience with the pace of corporate change causes Millennials to leave jobs before the fruit of their labor is realized.

Impatience with personal transformation puts a short-circuit on the hard work of leadership development.

How different would the workplace be if you held onto patience for coming change?

3. The pursuit of meaning.

Without some guidance — external from a mentor or internal from vision — the pursuit of a meaningful life becomes an unending chase for the golden goose.

Learn to cultivate gratefulness for the present. Instead of a chase for more, see what you have right now. Meaning has a lot more in common with our present than our unattained desires.

What does one statement of grateful show you about your values?

4. Oversharing.

The temptation to share our entire lives from breakfast to bedtime is enormous. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our lives are on display.

Oversharing holds Millennials back from personal growth as they rush to update the world on their lives. Learn reflection and contemplation. Learn the value of privacy.

Organizations want to know they can trust you with intellectual property. Show trustworthiness in communication.

How would life change if you monitored what you share?

Avoid tripping your potential: Learn to help others succeed, be patient, cultivate gratefulness, and evaluate your level of sharing.

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