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Anticipate Tomorrow’s Impact Today.

#1 Most Important Future-Proof Skill: Implicational Thinking


A friend of mine used to put a pine cone on a table while giving a lecture. He’d ask students “What do you see?”

Invariably he’d get “pine cone,” “seeds,” “a tree,” or perhaps “a forest.”

He’d gaze across the room and then (que memories of the Jerry Maguire movie) shout out, “Can you hear the music?”


He saw something no one else did. 

In the distance, he saw a violin. He heard music. 

Implicational thinking isn’t a tricky concept: Look at an area of operations or decision making and envision some of the possible future consequences. 

What happens if I do this?

How might this decision affect operations in 18 months?

What would this action do for our team if we complete it repeatedly for 2 years?

The skill of implicational thinking is the greatest value-adding tool anyone can bring into an organisation. 

It applies to decision making. To systems. To policies. 

An astonishing amount of news (the majority of it negative) would be avoided with some implicational thinking.

Political scandal? Not any more. “Yes, we saw how ‘anonymously’ releasing that information would hurt us.”
Company in receivership? Hardly. “We don’t have the resources to take on that project. Let’s shore-up our baseline funding first.”

At every level of every organisation, we must cultivate the habit of Implicational thinking.
(If you’re a graduate student or young career entrant, pay close attention to developing this skill!).

To develop implicational thinking; look ahead. Appraise any potential outcomes, repercussions, or reverberations. Make a better decision. Act accordingly.

Implicational thinking helps us advantageously avoid negative outcomes and allows us to embrace a profitable positive future.

So, what might be coming your way?

Can you hear the music in your organisation?