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Short Term Blindness


There is an ancient parable about a kid who fleeces his Dad for half the family inheritance, only to blow it all on partying in some foreign land. 

Dejected and broke, the kid returns home to find Dad still loves and accepts him. It’s a great parable. 

But what about the short term thinking that got him broke in the first place?

We live in a short-term world. The average life expectancy of a Facebook post is 2.5 hrs. For Twitter, it’s 18 minutes!!! Once it’s out there, it’s barely out there before it’s gone.

Even worse, the average attention span is currently described as 8-seconds!! So if I lose you in the next 8 seconds - come back!!

Yet while we live in a short term world, we also live in a world of far-reaching consequences. It’s another dangerous dichotomy.

Short term blindness robs us. 

Instead of seeing the potential of what’s possible, we focus on what we see today.

If we’re not careful, short-term gains override long-term benefits.

Short-term blindness is especially true at Christmas. Five weeks out, we dangerously focus on what needs done before Dec 24th; what can we get off our desk, what projects can we quickly finish up.

What about next year? What about 18-24 months from now?

Look at your life right now. What’s short term on your desk? 

Don’t take the inheritance now.

While you’re not going to throw away half of the business tomorrow - are you throwing away potential by living with short term blindness? 

What’s one thing you can do this week which will continue (or maybe even start) to bear fruit in 18 months?