Lead Coach Release
Lead Coach Release


Lead Coach Release

Implicational Leadership

Anticipate Tomorrow’s Impact Today.


Implications of a Multi-Generation Workplace

Unravel the rhetoric around Millennials and Gen-Z. Push for the very best from a young generation. Adapt your practices without reinventing current systems. Succeed as a leader of Millennials.


Implications of emerging leaders

People get promoted because they’re good at a job. Leading people - making the switch from co-worker to leader - requires a new set of skills.
Succeed as an emerging leader.


Implications of a cross-cultural workplace

Globalised workforces are the new norm.
But what are the “normal” cultural communication and leadership styles each culture brings to work?
Succeed in cross-cultural leadership.


Tailored Coaching and Training

Instructive: Half or Full-Day Facilitated Training
Collaborative: One-on-One or Group Mentorship
Immersive: Training & Mentorship for Long-term Sustainable Change

I highly recommend chatting with and engaging Dan to review your staff and environment to reduce staff turnover. We did last year with our small team of 10 and noticed the difference in attitude and staff morale almost immediately.
— Joseph Long. LTD Architecture.