Lead Coach Release
Lead Coach Release


Lead Coach Release

Implicational Leadership


Millennial Leadership

Unravel the rhetoric around Millennials. Push for the very best from a young generation. Adapt your practices without reinventing current systems. Succeed as a leader of Millennials.

Personal Development

You want success, so we invest in you.

Personal time. 
A personal plan.
Specific growth.

Team Leadership

Team Leadership is a little bit like the Wild West. A couple of people know what's happening and everyone else is just trying their best. Learn team leadership involves responsibility, authority, and clarity. Set a charter. Know your ranch. Lead your people.


Training and development

Get your friends, co-workers, or just the guy down the hall you wish would grow up. Implement building blocks for development and change at a personal and corporate level.

Whether it's leadership skills, public speaking confidence, or strategy for the future, we'll invest in what's driving your organization.

Public Speaking

Demystifying the art of talking at the front. It requires finesse, strategic structuring, and in many ways, empathy. At the end of the day, each situation is unique. That's why we coach preparation, presentation, and connection with the audience.


Leading Peers

Everyone wants a promotion - to be the top dog.

Once you're the boss, it seems like all your friends are gone. Learn how to lead your peers, encourage coworkers, and transform your organization.

Cross-Cultural Communication

We have over 20 years combined experience in 30+ nations. Working with translators, cultural variances, and group culture understanding. Get your message across in any corner of the world.

I can highly recommend chatting with and engaging Dan to review your staff and environment to reduce staff turnover. We did last year with our small team of 10 and noticed the difference in attitude and staff morale almost immediately.
— Joseph Long. LTD Architecture.